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We provide the highest standard in quality service and instrumentation, innovation in measurement & monitoring systems through the use of broad band sensors and ground movement data acquisition instruments to be used in a wide range of applications, such as scientific research, civilian safety programs, structural monitoring, energy production optimization and geophysics exploration.

MWSA Represented:

With close to 40 years of expertise, Instantel has set the industry standard with our vibration, air overpressure and sound monitoring equipment. Instantel is used worldwide reinforcing our reputation as a global leader of industrial-grade products.

Established in 1973, MREL is a technology-based company that provides unique explosives-related products and associated technical services to qualified customers in the blasting, bomb disposal, defence, explosives, humanitarian demining, and police communities.

MREL’s products are positioned firmly as the global leaders in their respective markets. A network of Authorized Distributors provides product sales and after sales support to MREL's customers around the world.

For over 40 years, RST’s pioneering technologies have enabled iconic infrastructure projects, including dams, tunnels, bridges, and more. From our base in Western Canada, we’ve grown a reputation for right-fit solutions that span the lifecycle of your project, from designing and building to training, installing, inspecting and updating monitoring systems.

Measurand designs and manufactures ShapeArray™, which is used to monitor deformation of soil and structures like dams, tunnels, walls, and buildings. ShapeArray™ is an automated shape-measuring, inclinometer-style instrument on a reel, which has set a new standard for ease of installation. ShapeArray™ data are available in real-time, enabling engineers and designers to reduce risk and save money by making smarter, faster decisions.

3vGeomatics specializes in remote detection and monitoring of displacement, subsidence, and geohazards across large areas using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technology.


We offer real-time analysis of materials in the field, laboratory, production line setups for surface and underground mining, quarrying, aggregate production, forestry, coal industries and many more. We offer photoanalytic systems for conveyors, haul trucks, and site-specific locations.

Rothenbuhler Engineering
Founded in 1946, Rothenbuhler Engineering is a privately owned and operated Engineering and Manufacturing company producing robust and sophisticated electronic products; designed to operate in the rugged mining, logging, military/law enforcement and other demanding environments.

Que Hacemos


  • Tunnel in Earth Instrumentation

  • Zoned Earthfill Dam with Clay Core Instrumentation

  • Underground Mine Instrumentation

  • Open Pit Mine Instrumentation

  • RSTAR and DTLink Wireless Data Collection

  • Concrete Face Rockfill Dam Instrumentation

  • Concrete Dam Instrumentation

  • Tailings Dam Instrumentation


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Marker + (54 911) 5181 9070
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